Figure 4.

Semi-quantitative real time PCR showed IGF-1 and latent TGF-β1 resulted in no changes in EMT marker gene expression consistent with EMT in Hs578t cells. Hs578t cells treated with (i) IGF-1, (ii) IGF-1+latent TGF-β1, (iii) IGF-1+latent TGF-β1+PI3K inhibitor, (iv) IGF-1+latent TGF-β1+MAPK inhibitor or (v) IGF-1+latent TGF-β1+TGF-β1 inhibitor were analyzed for levels of marker genes associated with EMT. Changes in N-cadherin, occludin, and vimentin expression were not consistent with EMT after treatment with IGF-1+TGF-β1 compared to TGF-β1 treatment alone. The addition of PI3K. MAPK or TGF-β1 inhibitors did not affect these changes in marker gene expression. Hs578t cells treated with TGF-β1 alone resulted in changes in marker gene expression that were also not consistent with EMT compared to vehicle control. All data are mean ± s.e.m. (n = 3, three experimental repeats).

Walsh and Damjanovski Cell Communication and Signaling 2011 9:10   doi:10.1186/1478-811X-9-10
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