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Wnt signal pathway and zonation of the liver lobules (Go Yoshida, 11 September 2015)

It has recently been reported that Axin2-positive hepatic stem cells near to the central vein strongly express glutamine synthase. In contrast, periportal hepatic cells have been shown to express carbamoyl-phosphate synthase 1. The endothelial cells of the central vein secrete Wnt ligands, therefore central vein corresponds to the niche for hepatic stem cells with enhanced level of canonical Wnt signal. The gradient difference in this signaling pathway is considered to be responsible for the zonation of liver cell architecture in coordination with the gradient oxygen... read full comment

Comment on: Gebhardt et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 11:21

Gastric cancer stem cells induced by H. pylori infection-induced autophagy  (Go Yoshida, 30 July 2015)

Vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA) in H. pylori-infected gastric cells increases reactive oxygen species (ROS) and induce conventional autophagy, thereby promoting the degradation of PAI-encoded cytotoxin-associated gene A (CagA) protein. Decreased CagA prevents tumorigenesis by inhibiting Src/MEK/ERK signaling activation. CD44 variant 8-10 (CD44v)-expressing gastric cells have enhanced anti-ROS machinery via the stabilization of xCT cysteine transporter at the cellular membrane. This CD44v-xCT-glutathione axis results in the accumulation of CagA, which is why CD44v-positive cells are potential gastric tumor-initiating cells.   Reference; Cell Host & Microbe, 12, 764-777 (2012) read full comment

Comment on: Yong et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 13:30

The Emerging Concept of MAT in Melanoma Invasion and Metastasis (Go Yoshida, 17 November 2014)

Melanoma cells which undergo MAT are characterized by the retraction of cell protrusions as well as the Rho-mediated rounding of the cell body, which makes easy for melanoma cells to reach the pre-metastatic niche in the peritoneal lymph nodes, lungs, or... read full comment

Comment on: Taddei et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 12:24

Lay abstract (Helen Whitaker, 11 April 2012)

The author has kindly provided an example of a Lay abstract for this... read full comment

Comment on: Wessler et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 9:27

Missing reference (Steve Winder, 23 November 2011)

In the published text immediatley following the first citation of reference [20] the Endnote placeholder for Muntoni et al. 2007 [Muntoni, 2007 #2825] was not correctly removed hence this citation does not appear in the reference list. The full citation for Muntoni et al. is:

Muntoni F, Brockington M, Godfrey C, Ackroyd M, Robb S, Manzur A, Kinali M, Mercuri E, Kaluarachchi M, Feng L, et al: Muscular dystrophies due to defective glycosylation of dystroglycan. Acta Myol 2007, 26:129-135.

Apologies for this oversight read full comment

Comment on: Moore et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 8:3

Thanx (Mark Findrew, 03 January 2011)

Thank you! Great work! I have much to think over. read full comment

Comment on: Parri et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 8:23

Correction Additional file 4 (Stephan Feller, 04 February 2010)

The provisional PDF version of this manuscript, that was published on 2 February 2010, contained an error in additional file 4. This error was corrected on 4 February 2010. read full comment

Comment on: Kress et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 8:1

Order of references (Tatjana Clarissa Gust, 09 February 2009)

We, the authors, are aware and we very much regret that the order of references was accidentally mixed up during the publication process. The interested reader can contact the first author Tatjana C. Gust or the corresponding author Arne von Bonin to obtain a manuscript with the right order of references. read full comment

Comment on: Gust et al. Cell Communication and Signaling, 6:3